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  • Header Plug Gaskets: Full face punching molds prepared ensure the fast delivery; Full automatic grooving ensure every diameter are same tolerances; Accept rapid turnaround on custom sizes & materials.

  • Kammprofile gasket with loose outer ring: The metallic core is made with concentrically grooved profiling on both sides. A notch is turned on the outer circumference of the core in which a loose centering ring. With soft sealing layer in both sides

  • Kammprofile gasket with integral outer ring: Kammprofile gasket with machined centering ring. The metallic core is made with a concentrically grooved profile on both sides and a machined centering ring. Gasket with soft sealing layer both sealing surface.

  • Basic style kammprofile gaskets: * This type kammprofile gasket for tongue and groove flanges. * Gasket without inner and outer rings. * Concentrically grooved profile on both sizes and covered with soft material layers.